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  • Growth Marketing
  • Analytics
  • Funnel Optimization
  • Marketing Automation
  • Martech Stack
  • Entrepreneurship

What people are saying about Dan’s talks

Dan has a great energy! The time he took to help me with marketing stack was really valuable. I now know where to focus my companies efforts. Thank you, Dan!
  • Taylor Shanklin
  • Director of Marketing
  • Kimbia
I've learnt a lot and from Dan McGaw awesome, professional and packed full with tips lecuture + Q&A about Ultimate Growth Marketing Stack. Saw how companies not only talk about their methodology but implementing tools all across their marketing growth process. Kudos on a lecture well done.
  • Dan Schamir
  • Manager
  • Qleek
It was fantastic - jam-packed with great tips for sophisticated marketers, which is exactly who we cater to/aim to attract. You did a kickass job.
  • Jes Kirkwood
  • Head of Content Marketing
  • ProsperWorks
Dan is a high-bandwidth presenter spittin nothin but VALUE! Great material.
  • Logan Herr
  • Sales Engineer
  • Autopilot HQ

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